Direct Mail

Whether your intended mailing is personal, to a few dozen – or whether it includes multiple and variable inserts directed to many thousands of UK and International destinations, our know-how and resources will help bring your costs down and get the maximum from your mailing.

Cost-effective postage

Correct Postage Selection is vital for direct mail. Since the introduction of alternative postal companies into the market it’s difficult to know which of them to mail out through. We can advise on the ‘least cost’ postal route to ensure that your direct mail campaign gets the best return on your investment. Don’t let postage costs be a barrier to your direct mail success.


Data processing

Our data processing services such as data cleansing, de-duplication and postcode validation serve to reduce cost, waste and keep your information up-to-date, making your direct mail efficient and ensuring the best possible results.

Variable Data

Personalisation through variable data enhances the whole experience of receiving direct mail, ensuring that your campaign generates positive awareness. It will also improve the response rate from your target audience.

We have the expertise and resources to personalise your campaign at many levels, from a simple name and address on a postcard to variable text and data on a multi-page letter, to provide the most cost effective solution to suit your campaign.

Some of the Variable Data Printing that we do on a regular basis include:

  • Name and address changes
  • Individual supporter barcoding
  • Changed paragraphs within appeals
  • Targeting within certain postcodes
  • Segmenting by age, gender or likely nature of response
  • Varying the nature of appeal ‘asks’ depending on recent donation history
  • Pre filled donation forms
  • Conference badges, with individual ID and photograph
  • Personalised and individual brochures
  • Ticket and job bag numbering