The Y Course Content

The 8 weeks of the Y Course each use two DVD segments that draw on two chapters from The Book of Y. The content covered is –

Week 1 – Is There More To Life Than This?

  • Part 1: Life Sucks – Sometimes life can be as much fun as stuffing marshmallows up your nose.
  • Part 2: Designs on You – Clues that point to the God who made us and everything else.


  • Part 1: Secret Spiders – The risk of being certain ‘there is no God’? And the need for God to make himself known.
  • Part 2 : Who’s Who? – The evidence that Jesus was God the creator. And the dilemma this creates.

Week 3 – Are We Expected To Believe What Happened So Long Ago?

  • Part 1: Headline News – solid reasons to be confident what we know about Jesus is not another Robin Hood fairy story.
  • Part 2: Boo! – Why the theories that ‘disprove’ the resurrection leak like a sieve.

Week 4 – If Jesus Was So Good, Why Was He Executed?

  • Part 1: Blinded by the Light –The gap between what God is like and what we are like – and the need for forgiveness this creates.
  • Part 2: Crime of Passion – What Jesus said about his death and its significance for us.

Week 5 – Why So Much Suffering And So Many Religions?

  • Part 1: Way to Go – Can one religion be right out of so many? And what Jesus said about it.
  • Part 2: What a Pain – Is God a sadist? Has he lost the plot? Or is there a bigger picture?

Week 6 – Is There Really Life After Death?

  • Part 1: Just Desserts – What happens after death – if anything? How we can know. And the need to choose.
  • Part 2: Believe it or Not – What faith is and isn’t – and the issue of ‘rescuing faith’.

Week 7 – Can God Make A Difference In My Life?

  • Part 1: Grateful Dead – What Jesus expects from those who set out to follow him.
  • Part 2: Mathematical Certainty – How God makes all of himself – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – available to those who choose him.

Week 8 – Who Wants To Be Stuck With A Bunch Of Boring Old Rules?

  • Part 1: The Game of Life – It’s not a set of rules that God offers but a living relationship.
  • Part 2: It’s a Plot – The keys to nurturing a relationship with God and the big picture of being in his family.