Variable Data

Variable Data Printing (VDP) can combine unique text and images to provide individually personalised documents. This system gives you the flexibility to make every item within a print run different.

VDP is dramatically changing the way that organisations communicate with their customers or supporters. The fact that the recipients name, any relevant text and images relating to that person are on the document drastically increases interest and, in turn, response. It has been proven that this kind of personalisation can increase response rates by as much as ten times compared to non-personalised images.

Some of the Variable Data Printing that we undertake on a regular basis include:

  • Name and address changes
  • Individual supporter barcoding
  • Changed or unique paragraphs within appeals
  • Targeting within certain postcodes
  • Segmenting by age, gender or likely nature of response
  • Varying the nature of appeal ‘asks’ depending on recent donation history
  • Pre filled donation forms for ease of reply
  • Conference badges, with individual ID and photograph
  • Personalised and individual brochures
  • Ticket and job bag numbering