How it works

The Y Course doesn’t have talks for people to listen to.

Instead the emphasis is on relaxed and friendly discussion in small groups.


These discussions are fuelled by 3 things –

  1. Chat show style segments on DVD – full of stories and illustrations
  2. Discussion group leaders having over 100 suggested questions at their fingertips
  3. The Book of Y – with Course guests encouraged to read 2 chapters each week in preparation

When and where?

There are many options for when and where to hold your Y Course. For example –

• Weekday evenings – with or without a meal being included.
• Daytimes – in parallel with an evening course.
• A series of lunchtimes (say two a week) at college or work each featuring only one DVD segment
• A Saturday morning – start with breakfast – for working people
• One DVD a week at a mother and toddler’s group or other weekly event

For an evening a possible timetable could be –

7.30 Drinks and main course
8.10 Welcome and first DVD
8.25 Discussion groups and desert
8.55 Second DVD
9.05 Discussion groups and coffee
9.35 Close