Why it exists


The Y Course exists because the gap between those inside the church and those outside gets ever wider.

As a result, those outside the Church –

  • No longer know our stories or speak our language
  • Are not asking the questions we most want to answer
  • Would like to be ‘talked with’ rather than ‘talked to’
  • Have little time for religion but are open to being spiritual

This means a growing number of people are not yet ready for a course like Alpha. And the Y Course has been crafted to meet this need.

As a result it –

  • The content comes mainly from the Gospels – the texts created with a view to people finding faith in Jesus and following him
  • Doesn’t start with the subject of Christianity but begins with issues about life itself
  • Takes time to establish what God must be like – giving meaning to conversations about Jesus actually being God
  • Puts the focus on knowing Jesus and becoming his disciple
  • Gives people lots of time to think through the issues before presenting them with the choices involved