Corporate Identity

We can help you to communicate your brand through striking brand identity, that presents your business to the world with a distinctive, professional and memorable image.

A corporate identity can make a huge difference to the public perception of a company or organisation. The identity package can include a slogan or tagline, brand architecture and a visual identity system.

A good identity should reflect a distinctive persona, be it strong, corporate, subtle or functional. Verité will always strive to get a result that imbues all the necessary qualities, the colours, the choice of typeface, and how that identity is communicated across a wide spectrum of uses and different media.

Logos and branding

The design of your logo is not just a visual representation of your business name, but should be regarded as one of your most valuable commercial assets. After all, a logo that looks badly considered may give an indication of similar characteristics within your organisation.

A good logo should embody the identity of your business, its integrity, personality and reputation represented at a glance – not only to your potential customers but also to your current or future staff and potential partnerships.

We listen carefully to your brief, assess the nature of your business, your target markets, customers and competitors, in order to create an exceptional image that combines impact and practicality and truly embodies your identity. We make use of good typography, form and colour, and draw on your business’ individual characteristics to develop a unique and individual concept.

Your logo design needs to work hard, it may be required for any number of purposes – encompassing print, signage, and online media. Careful consideration needs to be given to all possible uses, to ensure a consistency is achieved across different processes and requirements. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure that the design of your logo will reproduce correctly in special or full colour, fax, photocopy, and large format vinyl. All final logos are delivered in all the formats required by today’s media, whether printed or electronic.

Updating your logo

Perhaps your existing logo may need a face-lift if it looks behind the times, or re-worked if it is out of step with the nature of your changing business. Alternatively, you may want to signify a change in your business or organisation with a new logo design. Whatever the case may be, we can help ensure that your image is as up to date and relevant as possible.