Prayers For School


A collection of prayers written for school assemblies, collective worship, celebrations, times of reflection and classroom acts of worship.


Prayers to enrich and give a central thread for inspiring and reflective school collective worship. The themes cover key values and attributes, emotions, celebrations, seasons and Christian festivals.

A Bible focused resource to support and help create a future of more caring, tolerant, loving and selfless individuals.

‘Modern, reflective and considerate prayers that treat children, God and the world seriously.’

Written and compiled by Jamie Prouse, an experienced teacher and leader in Spiritual development at Selwood Academy in Frome, Somerset. He has been a Christian for over twenty years, and is married with three young children.

The forward is written by the Canon Reverend J John, international author and evangelist, who comments “When teaching children, we teach for a lifetime. They need the best we can offer and I’m glad these prayers do just that.”