My Right Hand In The Father’s


Helen Jones is married, has two sons and lives in Bristol, England. She works as a Speech and Language Therapist for deaf children.
Since having cancer in 2010, Helen has set up ‘Firm Roots Cancer Support’ to walk alongside people and support them with God’s love, as they go through cancer.



Knowing God’s comfort and strength through breast cancer.

Combining personal testimony and Scripture, Helen Jones writes a remarkably honest and encouraging account, illustrating how God speaks to each of us and all of us. This book is easy-to-read and contains lots of nuggets of care, wisdom and encouragement.’

Helen writes with detail about her personal struggles, grounded in the reality of all the facets of the journey which have to be grappled with, yet constantly processing it all through the Word, standing on Truth, and living out that journey in Faith.  And she even manages to see the funny side and writes with humour. She offers practical advice and insight to those who are supporting loved ones with cancer, which is really useful when they themselves are struggling and feel unable to help.