FLASHBACKS by Corporal Michael Willey is a true story based on the life of a boy who joined the British army at fifteen years old and rose to the rank of full corporal before being both physically and mentally wounded at the age of twenty eight.



This book will take you from recruit training to the troubles in Northern Ireland, to the jungles of Central America and beyond. It will take you all over the world; it will It covers many of the incidents of life and death faced by the author Corporal Michael Willey and his comrades. It identifies many traumas he faced, from witnessing murder, to the killing of comrades. It describes so many incidents of trauma and it becomes difficult to pinpoint just one incident that will eventually lead to the collapse of the authors mind. This book also tells a story about the treatment received by soldiers in hospital, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, giving you an insight into the mental challenges faced by many British soldiers.