Life Streams


Renovaré Britain & Ireland is a Christian charity. It models, resources and advocates fullness of life with God described in the Bible and experienced by grace, through the spiritual practices of Jesus and of the historical church. We are Christian in commitment, generous in our orthodoxy, and global in scope. Renovaré points people to a balanced vision and practical strategy for a lifelong journey of becoming more like Jesus.



For anyone asking ‘What will help me grow spiritually?’, Life Streams provides practical ways to transform your life and community from the inside out.

Adapted from Renovaré’s A Spiritual Formation Workbook, this workbook features guidelines for starting a Spiritual Formation Group, study plans for the first nine sessions and a questionnaire that helps map the way ahead.

Offering fresh perspectives on Christian faith and practice, Life Streams contains all the necessary ingredients to start and maintain a Spiritual Formation Group.

The six streams:

• The Contemplative Tradition

• The Holiness Tradition

• The Charismatic Tradition

• The Social Justice Tradition

• The Evangelical Tradition

• The Incarnational Tradition