A Night Long Ago


A beautifully illustrated children’s book inspired by the author hearing a tawny owl’s call very early one Christmas morning. She wondered did the owl have his very own story to tell about the first Christmas. Woven through with Christmas carols and animal friends of the owl.

In the early hours of a Christmas morning, with the family fast asleep –

I was in the kitchen preparing for the busy day ahead, peeling potatoes, with the turkey already roasting in
the oven.

Outside the window, in the dark stillness, I heard a tawny owl’s call – it was as if time stood still in that magical moment.

I wondered about the very first Christmas morning when Jesus was born. Did the owl have his own story
to tell about that night long ago?

I was inspired to write this story, with my favourite Christmas Carols woven through the text.

Sometime later… the drawings are finished.

The owl’s friends are the animals and birds that visit our garden and the characters are my family and pets who make our Christmas celebrations so special.