Who Is This Jesus Magazine


Luke’s Gospel (CEV) with explanations, life stories, quotations, web-links and opportunity for the reader to make a response.

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Inside this magazine you will find one of the first accounts of the life of Jesus, told by someone who talked to people who actually knew him. His name was Luke, and he was a doctor by training, with an enquiring mind and a concern for accuracy.

Because the story was written so long ago, there are parts of it which aren’t as clear to us as they were to its first readers.

So we have included some notes to help explain it.

But this isn’t a history lesson.

We’ve produced this magazine because we believe that Jesus matters today. So you’ll also find stories of people whose lives have been changed by meeting him, and some guidance on how you can do that too.

There are stories in the newspapers and on TV and radio about the church all the time. Some of them are positive, but many of them are negative. Christians grieve over the wrong that has been done in the name of Christ, though we do believe that the influence of our faith on the world has been overwhelmingly positive.

But this magazine is not about that: it’s about Jesus himself. And whatever people have said about Christians, no-one has ever found fault with Him.

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